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What Are Task Dependencies In Project Management?

Devin Deen
Publication date:
September 16, 2022
Article Summary: 

What Are Task Dependencies In Project Management?

Projects are made up of many tasks which must be executed in a timely and organized manner. Task dependencies are the interrelations that exist between project activities, and they determine the order in which project tasks must be executed. There are four types of task dependencies: finish-to-start (FS), FF (FF), start-to-finish (SF) and SS (SS). Each type of task dependency affects project scheduling and task management. To identify and manage task dependencies, you need robust project planning, scheduling and tracking tools. ProjectManager is equipped with online Gantt charts, kanban boards and task lists.
Devin discussed the importance of estimating activity task duration and how to plan for slack on a project schedule. He suggested using task management software to make it easy to check in on the team and make sure they are coming close to their estimates. ProjectManager Tracks Task Dependencies helps to identify task dependencies and link them to Gantt charts, which can be edited easily and shared with the team. When working on an activity estimation, it is important to factor in the time allotted rather than the time a piece of work takes and give deadlines some breathing room.


project management, project scheduling, task dependencies, project management software, gantt charts, kanban boards

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Devin Deen
What Are Task Dependencies In Project Management?
September 16, 2022
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