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We Need To Foster Belonging In The Emerging Hybrid Workplace

John Rossheim
Publication date:
July 30, 2021
Article Summary: 

The most important details in this text are the challenges of fostering belonging in the emerging hybrid work paradigm, and the solutions that organizations are considering. To foster belonging, organizations need to be intentional about bringing everyone into the conversation and create processes for how to engage in a hybrid way. They should also ask people to minimize texting among themselves when they're in the office, and acknowledge that it may be hard for those who do come in to the office to accept the reduced social bandwidth of videoconferences. Leaders need to consider how decisions on place of work can affect equity, such as whether salary correlates with race and gender. There are likely to be generational differences in attitude towards hybrid work arrangements, and leaders must ask how to make everyone feel more included.

To engender a sense of belonging, leaders should ask "What can we do to make you feel more included?" and bring everyone into the conversation. The most important details in this text are that it is important to avoid making assumptions about who will work or socialize in person and who won't. Segal Benz has held a weekly 30-minute video meeting with all hands to give company updates and shout-outs, and a week-long, annual off-site for everyone. Tracy Duberman suggests that in-person meetings are necessary for key strategy and brainstorming, and that leaders should lead by example. Finally, formal learning that includes topics around belonging is valuable for everyone in the organization.


fostering belonging, hybrid work paradigm, organization, intentional, engage, minimize texting, reduced social bandwidth, equity, generational differences, included, assumptions, video meeting, off-site, in-person meetings, lead by example, formal learning, belonging.

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John Rossheim
We Need To Foster Belonging In The Emerging Hybrid Workplace
July 30, 2021
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