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We Are Essential to Each Other!

Dorothy Church, RCM
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Emphasizes the essential role that condominium managers and their teams play as service providers, even though they might not always be recognized as "Essential Service Providers" like healthcare workers during the pandemic. The challenges faced by condominium managers and their teams include supply chain constraints, lack of resources, and the complexity of navigating public health guidelines. The stress of the pandemic persists for managers, site staff, and contractors, and the ability to meet client expectations has been compromised. The article highlights the emotional toll on managers and staff who must deliver disappointing news due to delays in repairs and services. Workplace harassment policies are recommended to support staff in such situations. The author also discusses the additional stresses faced by management professionals during events like protests. The article emphasizes the need for continued support, education, and collaboration within the industry to address current challenges and uncertainties. The importance of community support, resilience, and recognizing the essential nature of the work done by condominium managers is underscored.


Condominium managers, essential service providers, pandemic, supply chain constraints, stress, client expectations, workplace harassment policies, emotional toll, support, collaboration.

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Dorothy Church, RCM
We Are Essential to Each Other!
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