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Virtual Meeting Etiquette and Tips for Remote Attendees and Hybrid Teams in 2023

Publication date:
February 3, 2023
Article Summary: 

The blog post titled "Virtual Meeting Etiquette: Best Practices for Online Meetings" on the Workhuman website provides guidelines and tips for conducting effective and professional virtual meetings. It emphasizes the importance of being punctual and prepared, including testing the technology and ensuring a stable internet connection before the meeting. The article discusses the significance of creating a distraction-free environment and dressing appropriately for the virtual meeting. It highlights the importance of active listening and engaging in the discussion by asking questions and providing thoughtful input. The blog post also suggests using video whenever possible to enhance connection and engagement among meeting participants. It addresses common virtual meeting challenges, such as multitasking and side conversations, and recommends strategies to overcome them. The article concludes by emphasizing the value of respect, inclusivity, and maintaining professionalism in virtual meetings.


Workhuman, Blog, Virtual meeting etiquette, Online meetings, Punctuality, Preparation, Technology, Internet connection, Distraction-free environment, Dress code, Active listening, Engagement, Questions, Video, Connection, Multitasking, Side conversations, Respect, Inclusivity, Professionalism.

Source Citation: 
Virtual Meeting Etiquette and Tips for Remote Attendees and Hybrid Teams in 2023
February 3, 2023
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