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Eric Plant, RCM
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Discusses the challenges that condominium managers face when navigating the political dynamics and conflicts within their roles. The author highlights that while managers are technical experts in their field, dealing with people and politics can be more challenging than the actual job tasks. Various scenarios are presented where managers might find themselves caught between conflicting interests, such as when board members are at odds with each other, or when board decisions clash with homeowners' expectations. The author advises managers to stay impartial, avoid gossip, and be consistent in their actions. Staying neutral and focused on the property's best interests is recommended as a way to navigate these challenges effectively. The article concludes by emphasizing that while a manager's job involves politics, it's best to play the game cautiously and avoid taking sides whenever possible.


Condominium managers, politics, conflicts, neutrality, homeowner expectations, board decisions, impartiality, consistency, challenges.

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Eric Plant, RCM
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