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Uniting the Board of Directors

Liron Daniels, RCM, and Kateryna Polek, RCM
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Emphasizes the importance of effective governance within condominium communities, where a constant rotation of board members can lead to conflicts and hinder property operations. The authors highlight the significance of bridging the gap between board members' internal competencies to generate maximum value for homeowners. They propose implementing internal structures, defining roles and responsibilities, and identifying an effective chairperson to manage meetings, mediate disputes, and foster consensus. The lack of orientation can lead to dissatisfaction and disagreements, necessitating a transparent sharing of information and criteria among board members. The authors explore the stages of group development and decision-making processes to achieve unity and effective management within condominium corporations.


Condominium governance, board of directors, property management, role definition, chairperson, internal competencies, decision-making process, consensus, group development, orientation, dissatisfaction, resolution, information sharing, unity.

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Liron Daniels, RCM, and Kateryna Polek, RCM
Uniting the Board of Directors
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