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Unintended Consequences of Too Much Communication

Murray Johnson
Publication date:
October 11, 2019
Article Summary: 

This article addresses the unintended consequences of an overwhelming amount of communication in the condominium management industry. While efforts have been made to improve communication between boards and owners, the constant stream of mandatory communication, such as Periodic Information Certificates (PICs) and Information Certificate Updates (ICUs), has led to desensitization among owners. The author suggests that the abundance of communication has resulted in apathy, where critical information may be overlooked or ignored. The article proposes reevaluating the necessity of certain communication types, such as the New Owner Information Certificate (NOIC), and advocates for a more holistic and strategic approach to condominium communication. The author also highlights the importance of professionalizing communication methods and developing a comprehensive communication strategy to sensitize owners to important messages.


Condominium Management, Communication, PICs, ICUs, New Owner Information Certificate, Desensitization, Apathy, Strategic Communication, Professional Communication, Communication Strategy, Consumer Protection.

Source Citation: 
Murray Johnson
Unintended Consequences of Too Much Communication
October 11, 2019
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