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Underfunding Balcony and Window Repairs

Toronto Condo News
Publication date:
January 25, 2020
Article Summary: 

The article "Underfunding Balcony and Window Repairs: Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain" discusses the risks of underfunding balcony and window repairs in condominiums. The author highlights the importance of regular maintenance and repairs to prevent costly damage and safety hazards. The article emphasizes the consequences of neglecting balcony and window repairs, including water damage, mold growth, and structural damage. The author suggests that underfunding repairs may result in higher costs in the long run and recommends that condo boards prioritize repairs and allocate sufficient funds for maintenance. The article also suggests involving experts in the repair process and communicating with owners about the importance of timely repairs. Overall, the article provides valuable insights for condo boards and owners on the importance of proactive maintenance and repair.


underfunding, balcony repairs, window repairs, condominiums, regular maintenance, safety hazards, water damage, mold growth, structural damage, condo boards, owners, proactive maintenance, repair.

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Toronto Condo News
Underfunding Balcony and Window Repairs
January 25, 2020
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