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Turn Your Condo Into A Well-Lit Abode With These Wonderful Lighting Ideas

Toronto Condo Team CA
Publication date:
October 25, 2019
Article Summary: 

The most important details in this text are the tips on choosing the best light fixtures for a condo. Ceiling fixtures can add drama and illumination, while overhead lighting and sconces for a powder room can make the space appear welcoming and restore its balance. Lampshades can also make a difference in the quality and hue of light, so it is important to determine your lighting goal before choosing a shade. The lighting arrangement of a room should be welcoming and bright, not cold and bleak. Incandescent bulbs emit a soft, yellowish glow to create a warm ambiance and send signals to the body to relax for better sleep.

Task lighting is important for specific tasks, such as workstations, kitchen islands, or reading desks. Task lighting is essential for cramped condo kitchens, and mirrors can create the illusion of space. Floor lamps can be used to flood the room with light without needing tablespace or cluttering up the house. Multitasking lamps can be used to cover narrow corners and brighten up the room.


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Toronto Condo Team CA
Turn Your Condo Into A Well-Lit Abode With These Wonderful Lighting Ideas
October 25, 2019
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