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Top 8 Questions about Window Replacement Answered

Eco Choice
Publication date:
March 25, 2021
Article Summary: 

The top 8 questions about window replacement are: what is a replacement window? Is it necessary or can I repair my windows? When is the best time to opt for window replacement? How to determine the glazing that goes on the windows? There are two types of residential glass: a 2 coat Low-E glass and a 3 coat Low-E glass, which may or may not be filled with krypton or argon gas.

The most important details are that 3 coat Low-E glass reduces heat absorption from the sun, while 2 coat Low-E glass helps retain heat and warmth and provides a good U-Value and insulation against the cold. The cost of replacing windows varies depending on the size of the project, the materials used, and the contractor hired. The lifespan of windows is determined by weather conditions, such as exposure to bright sunlight for longer periods of time. The quality of a window can affect its performance, so it is important to choose the right material and installation. Eco Choice windows are long-lasting, resilient and aesthetically pleasing, and should not be replaced all at once. To prepare for a window replacement, it is important to remove obstructions, move furniture in a 3-foot radius, and inform the alarm company if there are any alarms on the windows.


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Eco Choice
Top 8 Questions about Window Replacement Answered
March 25, 2021
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