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To Keep or Remove

Trisha Ashcroft
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The article discusses the issue of whether furniture is permitted in lobbies and corridors of buildings, particularly in the context of fire safety regulations. It emphasizes the distinction between the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and the Ontario Fire Code (OFC), which work together to ensure building safety. The article explains that while the OBC does not specifically regulate furniture, it does consider the intended occupancy and use of buildings. It explores the regulations regarding furniture during building design, the presence of furniture in corridors, and the interpretation of fire safety provisions in the OFC. The article also highlights the role of fire department inspections and the importance of seeking advice and review if concerns are raised.


Furniture, lobbies, corridors, fire safety, Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code, fire department inspections, regulations, occupancy, safety concerns, building design, fire hazards.

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Trisha Ashcroft
To Keep or Remove
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