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Think Before You Type: Responding to Social Media Attacks

Dean McCabe, RCM
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Discusses strategies for responding to social media attacks and negative online comments as a condominium manager in the digital age. It addresses the emotional impact of such attacks and offers advice on maintaining professionalism and addressing the issues constructively. The article emphasizes the importance of not engaging in online arguments, providing responses directed at the broader audience, and taking the conversation offline when necessary. It also highlights the value of empathy, understanding, and sharing positive content to counteract negativity. The author recommends having a harassment rule in place and stresses the significance of maintaining civility and decorum even on digital platforms.


Social media attacks, online harassment, professionalism, responding to negative comments, constructive responses, online arguments, empathy, taking the conversation offline, sharing positive content, harassment rule, civility, decorum.

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Dean McCabe, RCM
Think Before You Type: Responding to Social Media Attacks
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