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The Quality Management Plan in Project Management

William Malsam
Publication date:
April 14, 2022
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The Quality Management Plan in Project Management
A quality management plan is a document that helps the project manager and the project team execute quality management and quality assurance actions. It is the first step to defining and codifying the steps necessary to achieve the quality expectations of the project, and is best done with project management software that can organize and share the plan with the project team. Quality management is also not limited to the project team, and when everyone in the organization understands the plan, efficiency increases. Having all departments familiar with the plan boosts efficiency and creates a shared goal understood by all. When creating a quality product or service, customers are going to take notice.

A quality management plan helps to deliver consistent quality, which leads to brand value and profitability. It is created by the project manager, who can seek guidance from team members, stakeholders and customers. Everyone on the project team has a role to play in developing the quality management process in order to make sure all deliverables meet quality expectations. The most important details are that the team is responsible for meeting the quality expectations of the plan, the organization standardizes quality controls, stakeholders are responsible for approving the delivery of the product or service, and customers and users should be consulted. To create a quality management plan, the key components include the project deliverables and project process, the quality standards and criteria used to measure customer satisfaction, and the quality control activities, process quality standards, stakeholder expectations, quality assurance activities and create quality deliverables.


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William Malsam
The Quality Management Plan in Project Management
April 14, 2022
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