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The Little Manager that Couldn’t

Justin Tudor, Jennifer Dickenson
Publication date:
March 30, 2022
Article Summary: 

"The Little Manager that Couldn’t" from the CCI Review 2021/2022-3 March 2022 issue of the CCI London Chapter is a cautionary fable about a well-intentioned but inexperienced condominium manager who makes multiple mistakes in project management during a corridor refurbishment project. The manager fails to understand the true scope of the project, ignores the importance of a designer's input, mishandles contractor bids and quotes, overlooks necessary documents and inspections, and neglects to create a holdback fund. As a result, the project faces various issues, including the use of wrong materials, cost overruns, delays, defective work, and a subcontractor's lien. The fable emphasizes the importance of proper planning, communication, documentation, and hiring qualified consultants to avoid costly and time-consuming project mishaps.


Condominium manager, project management, corridor refurbishment, mistakes, planning, communication, documentation, cost overruns, delays, defective work, subcontractor's lien, cautionary fable.

Source Citation: 
Justin Tudor, Jennifer Dickenson
The Little Manager that Couldn’t
March 30, 2022
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