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The Importance Of Workplace Flexibility In A Modern Organization

Peter Landau
Publication date:
April 27, 2022
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The Importance Of Workplace Flexibility In A Modern Organization

Flexibility in the workplace has become a rallying cry for workers, and according to a survey conducted by Future Forum, the percentage of global hybrid workers has increased from 46% in 2021 to 58%. The survey also found that 72% of those dissatisfied with their current level of flexibility at work are likely to look for a job in the next year. Workplace flexibility refers to a flexible workplace in which workers are able to go into the office, stay at home or enjoy a hybrid of the two. It is also a response to the growing desire among employees to have a work-life balance, and it can be to the benefit of both parties. A study by the American Sociological Review looked at two groups of IT workers and found that flexibility is important for both parties.
A FlexJob report found that those who had workplace flexibility were happier and met their goals more reliably than those who were regulated to the typical nine-to-five office hours. This is due to the Great Resignation as many workers leave their jobs to pursue a better work-life balance. There are also gains for employers, such as a wider pool of talent to choose from and increased productivity. However, many organizations are skeptical that distributed teams are going to perform as well as those who are physically in an office. Additionally, having a flexible work arrangement would make employees more loyal to their employers, making businesses more likely to retain them.


Workplace flexibility, work-life balance, work-life balance survey, flexible working hours, global hybrid workers, flexible job, remote working

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Peter Landau
The Importance Of Workplace Flexibility In A Modern Organization
April 27, 2022
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