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The Ideal Condo Board

Josh Milgrom
Publication date:
October 11, 2019
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the qualities and actions that contribute to an ideal condo board in Ontario. Directors should operate within the confines of the Condominium Act, acting honestly and in good faith while exercising reasonable care, diligence, and skill. Familiarity with the condo's governing documents is essential, as it helps avoid repeating mistakes and ensures decisions align with the regulations.

Effective communication is vital for a successful board. Two-way communication, which involves listening to and valuing owners' comments and concerns, is critical. Holding town hall meetings and utilizing surveys can improve communication and owners' satisfaction. Internal board communication is also essential to avoid conflicts and ensure all directors participate and work cohesively.

Swift action is recommended when issues arise to prevent problems from escalating. Engaging professionals and convening special meetings may be necessary for urgent matters. Proactive measures, such as implementing preventative maintenance programs and updating governing documents, help address problems effectively.

Boards should adapt to different stages and challenges faced by condos, from turnover to aging buildings. Open-mindedness and considering different perspectives are crucial, especially in litigation and enforcement issues, to achieve better outcomes and potentially settle matters outside the courtroom.

In light of legislative changes and mandatory training, the ability to adapt becomes even more critical in today's constantly evolving condo environment.


Ideal Condo Board, Ontario, Condominium Act, Governing Documents, Communication, Swift Action, Proactive Measures, Adaptation, Litigation, Enforcement, Legislation, Condo Environment.

Source Citation: 
Josh Milgrom
The Ideal Condo Board
October 11, 2019
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