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The Hidden Costs of a Poor Building Image: How Janitorial Services Can Save You Money

Publication date:
April 24, 2023
Article Summary: 

Discusses the negative consequences that can arise from a poor building image and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and professional appearance. The post highlights that a building's image is a crucial factor that influences tenant satisfaction, leasing rates, and property value. It explores the hidden costs associated with a poor building image, such as difficulty attracting and retaining tenants, decreased rental income, increased vacancies, and lower property resale value. The blog post also touches upon the impact of a negative building image on employee morale, productivity, and the ability to attract quality tenants and customers. It emphasizes the need for regular maintenance, cleanliness, and aesthetic improvements to enhance the building's image and create a positive perception in the market. The post concludes by encouraging property owners and managers to invest in maintaining a strong building image as a strategic business decision that can yield long-term benefits.


Poor building image, negative consequences, positive appearance, tenant satisfaction, leasing rates, property value, hidden costs, attracting tenants, retaining tenants, rental income, vacancies, property resale value, employee morale, productivity, quality tenants, customers, regular maintenance, cleanliness, aesthetic improvements, market perception, strategic business decision, long-term benefits.

Source Citation: 
The Hidden Costs of a Poor Building Image: How Janitorial Services Can Save You Money
April 24, 2023
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