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Toronto Condo News
Publication date:
January 1, 2023
Article Summary: 

The article titled "The Grand Delusion" explores the common misconception that living in a condominium automatically guarantees a maintenance-free lifestyle. It challenges the notion that condo living relieves individuals of their responsibilities regarding property maintenance and repairs. The article emphasizes that while condominium communities provide certain conveniences, such as shared amenities and external maintenance, individual unit owners still bear the responsibility for maintaining their own units. It highlights the importance of understanding the maintenance obligations outlined in the condominium's governing documents and emphasizes the need for proactive maintenance practices. The article also addresses the potential consequences of neglecting unit maintenance, including decreased property values and potential conflicts with the condo board or other residents. It encourages unit owners to be realistic about their responsibilities and actively participate in the maintenance and upkeep of their units to ensure a well-maintained and harmonious community.


the grand delusion, condominium living, maintenance-free lifestyle, property maintenance, repairs, condominium community, shared amenities, external maintenance, unit owners, governing documents, proactive maintenance, neglecting maintenance, property values, conflicts, condo board, resident participation, unit upkeep, harmonious community.

Source Citation: 
Toronto Condo News
January 1, 2023
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