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The Florida Condo Tragedy A Board of Director’s Perspective

Martin Denheyer & Marvin Ens
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examines the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo building in Florida and its implications for condo boards. Despite media coverage focusing on the human tragedy, understanding the factors that contributed to the collapse from a board's perspective is crucial for preventing similar incidents in other condos. The 2018 engineering report highlighted needed repairs, including $9.1 million worth of work, but failed to communicate the urgency and extent of risks effectively. Other factors, such as historical leaks, poor construction practices, and board dynamics, also played a role. The condo association approved a $15 million special assessment in 2021, too late to prevent the collapse. The tragedy underscores the importance of regular engineering assessments, effective communication, adhering to best practices, and vigilant maintenance to ensure condo safety and prevent future disasters.


Champlain Towers collapse, Condo board, Engineering report, Building maintenance, Urgency, Special assessment, Condo legislation, Engineering assessments, Communication, Best practices, Vigilant maintenance, Safety.

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Martin Denheyer & Marvin Ens
The Florida Condo Tragedy A Board of Director’s Perspective
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