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The Features Every Toronto Condo and Loft Dweller Looks For

Toronto Condo Team CA
Publication date:
January 23, 2018
Article Summary: 

Avid Ratings Canada conducted a survey to determine what features Toronto condo and loft dwellers look for in a living space. The survey revealed that 78.1 percent of respondents preferred mid-sized buildings to increase the feeling of community, and most were concerned with energy efficiency. LEED-certified buildings were in higher demand due to their energy-saving appliances. Condo residents also want a flexible design with an American-style kitchen as the centerpiece, smart and efficient home technology, highly efficient windows, and structured wiring for power outlets. They also seek wide storage space and security features. Developers often shy away from mid-rise buildings in favor of high-rise ones due to the cost-benefit of selling more units. However, mid-rise buildings offer a more lively appeal, and downsizers are ready to buy condos with features similar to those of new homeowners.


Toronto condos, loft dwellers, survey, mid-sized buildings, community, energy efficiency, LEED certification, American-style kitchen, flexible design, home technology, storage space, security, high-rise buildings, mid-rise buildings, downsizers.

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Toronto Condo Team CA
The Features Every Toronto Condo and Loft Dweller Looks For
January 23, 2018
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