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The Code and the CAT: Old habits die hard and old dogs don’t learn new tricks

By Tony Bui
Publication date:
December 11, 2023
Article Summary: 

Discusses the challenges faced by condominium corporations in enforcing pet restrictions outlined in their governing documents, such as declarations and rules. The author explores a specific case where a condominium corporation attempted to enforce a no-pet rule against a unit owner who had been harboring a cat in violation of the rule. Despite efforts by the corporation to enforce the rule through fines and legal action, the unit owner continued to resist compliance. The post delves into the legal complexities surrounding pet restrictions in condominiums, including issues related to grandfathering clauses, enforcement mechanisms, and the evolving attitudes toward pet ownership in society. Through a detailed analysis of the case, the author highlights the importance of clear and enforceable pet policies in condominium corporations, as well as the challenges associated with enforcing such policies in practice.


LexBlog, blog post, condominium law, pet restrictions, governing documents, declarations, rules, condominium corporations, unit owner, no-pet rule, compliance, fines, legal action, grandfathering clauses, enforcement mechanisms, pet ownership, condominium policies.

Source Citation: 
By Tony Bui
The Code and the CAT: Old habits die hard and old dogs don’t learn new tricks
December 11, 2023
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