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The big question on mortgage borrowers’ minds: fixed or variable?

Steve Huebl
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The current mortgage market presents borrowers with a choice between fixed and variable rates. While variable rates historically have outperformed fixed rates, recent sharp rate increases have led to debates about their continued viability. Mortgage experts suggest that, given the current rate environment, most borrowers are better off opting for a fixed rate. However, for those considering fixed-rate mortgages, shorter and more flexible terms are recommended, as they offer protection against potential rate hikes in the near future.


Mortgage rates, fixed rate, variable rate, rate-hike cycle, Bank of Canada, prepayment penalty, risk aversion, market dynamics, interest rates, rate cycle, rate volatility, mortgage terms, rate increases, rate cuts, borrower preferences.

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Steve Huebl
The big question on mortgage borrowers’ minds: fixed or variable?
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