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The Best Spacer Bar for Residential Windows

Raj Kain
Publication date:
March 11, 2021
Article Summary: 

This article discusses the importance of choosing the right spacer bar for residential windows. The spacer bar is the frame that separates the glass panes in double glazing windows and plays a vital role in the windows' durability and functionality. The perfect window spacer should possess qualities such as an airtight seal, insulating properties, the ability to keep water vapor at bay, and stress absorption. The article recommends the Super Spacer Bar as the best spacer bar for residential windows, as it offers optimal sound absorption, heat flow resistance, repels condensation, and reduces stress on sealants. It is made of structural foam and patented thermal properties, improving the glass surface temperature and withstanding temperatures of up to 140 F and humidity levels of 95%. The article concludes by suggesting pairing the best spacer bar with the best windows on the market, such as those provided by Clera Windows + Doors.


spacer bar, residential windows, double glazing windows, insulation, Super Spacer Bar, and Clera Windows + Doors.

Source Citation: 
Raj Kain
The Best Spacer Bar for Residential Windows
March 11, 2021
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