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The 411 Carpenter Bees

Advantage Pest Control Inc
Publication date:
June 15, 2020
Article Summary: 

This article discusses carpenter bees, a seasonal pest that can be problematic for homeowners, particularly those with wooden decks, rafters, siding, and outdoor furniture. Unlike bumblebees and honeybees, carpenter bees don't live in colonies and prefer to build individual nests in untreated, dead or weathered wood. Only female carpenter bees can sting, but males can appear more aggressive. The article provides tips to help identify the difference between small and large carpenter bees and suggests ways to avoid attracting carpenter bees, including treating wooden objects by painting them, keeping all doors to your home closed, and using natural repellents. If carpenter bees have already nested in or around your home, it's recommended to call a pest control specialist.


carpenter bees, seasonal pests, homeowners, wooden decks, rafters, siding, outdoor furniture, nests, untreated wood, stinging, aggressiveness, identification, small carpenter bees, large carpenter bees, natural repellents, pest control specialist.

Source Citation: 
Advantage Pest Control Inc
The 411 Carpenter Bees
June 15, 2020
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