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The (R)evolution in Condo Management

Dan Fried & Yawar Khan
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The article discusses the evolving landscape of condominium management since November 2017, highlighting the impact of changes on condominium managers (CMs). The shift towards increased transparency, diverse demographics, and advanced technology has led to the need for CMs to develop new strategies focusing on relationship building, creative problem-solving, and emotional intelligence. CMs are adapting to a more knowledgeable and sophisticated clientele, using digital communications, and addressing challenges such as rising insurance costs, deductibles, legislation changes, and technological advancements. The article emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in managing client relationships effectively. It concludes by suggesting that CMs need to continuously enhance their skills, particularly in the areas of relationship building, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, to succeed in a changing environment.


Condo Management, Evolution, Condominium Managers, Change, Transparency, Demographics, Technology, Relationship Building, Creative Problem-Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Professional Education, Decision-Making, Specialized Services.

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Dan Fried & Yawar Khan
The (R)evolution in Condo Management
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