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The “Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas” of Condominium Repairs

Maggie Matian
Publication date:
March 24, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the importance of addressing condominium repairs in a timely manner to avoid more significant and costly problems later on. It emphasizes the need to understand core responsibilities for repairs, including communication with the condominium board and seeking professional advice when needed. Regular walk-throughs and check-ins are recommended to build trust within the community and ensure repairs are not ignored or downplayed. The article encourages proactive handling of even small repair issues to prevent them from escalating into major problems. It concludes by advising readers to cultivate their community and seek support and advice from the condominium board when necessary.


condominium, repairs, responsibilities, communication, professional advice, walk-throughs, community, trust, proactive, small issues, condominium board, support, advice.

Source Citation: 
Maggie Matian
The “Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas” of Condominium Repairs
March 24, 2022
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