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The “Greening Revolution” for Condos - Sustaining Us and Ours…

Dave Williams
Publication date:
January 9, 2023
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility, particularly in the context of condominium living. It emphasizes the need for individuals, governments, and organizations to take action to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The major contributors to carbon dioxide emissions are identified, including industrial processes, buildings, transportation, energy generation, and food and agriculture sources. The article highlights the significance of green initiatives by various organizations, including pension plans, and suggests that condo boards and property managers should also play a role in promoting sustainable practices within their communities.

The author suggests that education and information dissemination through condo management's monthly bulletins can help raise awareness and encourage environmentally friendly practices among residents. Examples of such practices include reducing the use of plastic water bottles, using reusable shopping bags, and staying informed about the progress of the automobile industry in transitioning to electric vehicles. The article advocates for proactive efforts by condo boards, legal advisers, property managers, and engineering firms to develop green initiatives and create environmental committees within condominium communities. By taking early action and leading the way in sustainability, condo communities can contribute to a better future for the planet and future generations.


Sustainability, ESG, Greening, Climate Change, Condominium Living, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Industrial Processes, Buildings, Transportation, Energy Generation, Food and Agriculture, Plastic Water Bottles, Reusable Shopping Bags, Electric Vehicles, Green Initiatives, Environmental Committees, Environmental Responsibility, Climate Action.

Source Citation: 
Dave Williams
The “Greening Revolution” for Condos - Sustaining Us and Ours…
January 9, 2023
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