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Technology Tools to Aid in Effective Communication

Jeff Lack
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Discusses technology tools for effective communication in property management. Timeliness is crucial in communication. Being organized is essential for efficiency. Use a time journal to identify areas where you can be more efficient with your time. Plan using your digital calendar for long-term and recurring communications. Prioritize tasks using tools like the Eisenhower Matrix. Manage emails by turning off notifications, separating work and personal accounts, using folders and rules, and applying the 4 D's of email management (Do it, Delegate, Defer, Delete). The aim is to enhance communication while managing daily tasks efficiently.


technology tools, effective communication, property management, timeliness, organization, time journal, planning, digital calendar, prioritization, Eisenhower Matrix, email management, notifications, folders, rules, 4 D's of email management

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Jeff Lack
Technology Tools to Aid in Effective Communication
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