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Technology & Elevators

Ray Eleid
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discusses the integration of technology, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT), in the elevator industry. IoT refers to the connectivity and communication of devices via the internet. In the context of elevators, this technology allows them to be connected to the internet, enabling access to elevator performance data and functions. Companies like KONE have partnered with IBM Watson to use elevator data for predictive analysis, aiming to forecast elevator performance and potential failures. Thyssenkrupp has introduced wearable devices for mechanics that provide quick troubleshooting solutions through interactive interfaces, video guides, and remote assistance. Regulatory authorities, such as New York and Ontario, are adopting web-based solutions to make elevator information and code violations accessible to consumers and building owners. Consultants are also developing online systems that provide real-time data on elevator performance, maintenance, callbacks, reports, and trends. The article concludes that IoT technology is becoming an integral part of the elevator industry and will continue to advance with new technologies emerging.


Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), elevators, predictive analysis, troubleshooting, wearable devices, regulatory authorities, online systems, elevator industry.

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Ray Eleid
Technology & Elevators
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