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Submetering for Electric Vehicle Charging in MURBs

Publication date:
December 18, 2020
Article Summary: 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada's transportation sector. The government has set ambitious targets for zero-emission vehicles, prompting increased demand for EV charging infrastructure in residential parking spaces. Many cities have already implemented guidelines requiring new developments to accommodate EV charging stations. Submetering is a practical solution to ensure seamless and efficient EV charging in multi-residential buildings (MURBs). It offers metering and direct billing for designated EV parking areas, as well as advanced energy management to reduce capital costs. Level 2 EV chargers with cloud-network support are ideal for MURBs due to their power-sharing capabilities and ability to track energy utilization. Submetering solutions for EV charging provide an elevated user experience, simplify billing, and enhance the marketability of the building as a sustainable living feature. Implementing EV charging stations can attract residents, comply with building regulations, and contribute to Canada's decarbonization goals for transportation.


Electric Vehicles (EVs), greenhouse gas emissions, EV charging infrastructure, submetering, multi-residential buildings (MURBs), Level 2 EV chargers, cloud-network support, sustainability, advanced analytics, utility consumption, decarbonizing transportation.

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Submetering for Electric Vehicle Charging in MURBs
December 18, 2020
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