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Storage lockers in underground parking garage against Fire Code?

Condo Adviser
Publication date:
February 9, 2023
Article Summary: 

The Ontario Fire Safety Commission ordered a residential condo corporation in Toronto to remove all items stored in 52 wired caged storage locker units located in the underground garage as they were in violation of the Ontario Fire Code. The lockers were not fire-separated from the rest of the building, contrary to the Code's requirements. The corporation argued that since the lockers were in the fire-separated garage, they complied with the Code, but the Commission ruled otherwise. The Commission ordered the removal of household items stored in the lockers but allowed bicycles to remain as they are considered vehicles. The responsibility for the breach fell on the condo corporation, not individual locker owners, as the corporation was deemed the "owner" of the building under the law. This decision may leave locker owners with unusable lockers and potential financial losses, as the lockers have market value, and some uncertainty remains regarding the contents allowed in the lockers.


Ontario Fire Safety Commission, condo corporation, residential condo, locker units, underground garage, Fire Code violation, fire separation, household items, bicycles, responsibility, individual locker owners, market value, contents allowed in lockers.

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Condo Adviser
Storage lockers in underground parking garage against Fire Code?
February 9, 2023
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