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Stakeholder Analysis 101: Identification, Mapping & More

Jason Westland
Publication date:
March 10, 2020
Article Summary: 

Stakeholder Analysis 101: Identification, Mapping & More

Stakeholder analysis is a process that identifies and prioritizes stakeholders before the project begins. It organizes stakeholders into groups according to how much they participate in the project, what their interest level is and how much influence they have. Communication is key to stakeholder analysis because stakeholders must buy into and approve the project, and this can only be done with timely information and visibility into the project. It is important to get help from key project players to help align the project with strategic objectives and build stronger relationships. Stakeholders are essential for project execution and communication.

They can help with conflict resolution, deliver resources, and build a relationship of trust. To identify stakeholders, it is important to determine who the most influential stakeholders are, which stakeholders have control of the project resources, and what their motivations and interests are. Additionally, stakeholders should be kept informed without feeling neglected or left out of the loop.


project controls, project manager, project management, risk management, time management, quality management, schedule management, stakeholder analysis

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Jason Westland
Stakeholder Analysis 101: Identification, Mapping & More
March 10, 2020
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