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Spring Visits from Carpenter Ants

Advantage Pest Control Inc
Publication date:
April 22, 2019
Article Summary: 

The blog post titled "Spring Visits from Carpenter Ants" discusses the appearance and behavior of carpenter ants and the steps homeowners can take to prevent and control infestations. The article highlights the signs of carpenter ant infestations, such as the presence of large ants, rustling sounds, and sawdust-like debris, and offers advice on identifying and addressing the causes of infestations. It also provides information on the biology and habits of carpenter ants, including their preference for moist and decaying wood, and offers tips on preventing infestations through proper maintenance and landscaping practices.


spring, visits, carpenter ants, infestations, signs, debris, biology, habits, prevention, maintenance, landscaping.

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Advantage Pest Control Inc
Spring Visits from Carpenter Ants
April 22, 2019
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