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Spring Planning for Landscaping and Irrigation

Rick Malda, Tim Van Zwol
Publication date:
April 11, 2023
Article Summary: 

As spring approaches, condo boards should start planning for outdoor landscaping and irrigation system repairs and maintenance. For landscaping, it's essential to review the condition of hard and soft landscaping elements, such as asphalt pavements, concrete pads, stone walkways, grass sodding, and trees. Attention should be given to signs of deterioration and damage that may require localized repairs or complete replacement.

For irrigation systems, the article highlights key components that need evaluation and maintenance to ensure proper functioning during hot and dry summer conditions. Issues such as frost heave, plugged sprinkler nozzles, improper irrigation programming, and damage from vehicle traffic or plowing should be addressed. The importance of rain sensors and checking for leaks in the main line of the irrigation system is emphasized. The article also suggests various options for preventing water damage in case of a sprinkler main line leak.

Furthermore, the article encourages the use of energy-efficient products, such as WiFi controllers, flow meters, low volume sprinklers, and nozzles, to reduce water consumption. By planning and implementing proper maintenance and improvements, condo boards can achieve a green, well-maintained, and water-wise site for the summer.


Landscaping, Irrigation System, Spring Planning, Repairs, Maintenance, Hard Landscaping, Soft Landscaping, Frost Heave, Plugged Sprinkler Nozzles, Irrigation Programming, Rain Sensors, Main Line Leak, Energy-Efficient Products, Water Conservation.

Source Citation: 
Rick Malda, Tim Van Zwol
Spring Planning for Landscaping and Irrigation
April 11, 2023
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