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So, You Want to Make the Attic a Family Room? – Sounds like a Great Idea!

Patricia Elia
Publication date:
June 22, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the process and considerations for unit owners who want to modify their condominium units, particularly focusing on converting the attic into a family room. Renovations that impact common elements require the approval of the condominium's Board of Directors and, in some cases, a vote of unit owners. The Board must conduct due diligence to evaluate the proposed modifications and comply with the Condominium Act. Proper documentation, including stamped drawings and agreements, must be obtained and registered on title. The article emphasizes the importance of addressing risk allocation and insurance implications for modifications impacting common elements. Bulk Section 98 agreements are suggested as a cost-effective method for approving multiple modifications over time and ensuring future unit owners are bound by the same standards.


Condominium unit modifications, attic conversion, common elements, Section 97, Section 98, Board of Directors, due diligence, risk allocation, insurance implications, bulk Section 98 agreements, Condominium Act, unit owner vote.

Source Citation: 
Patricia Elia
So, You Want to Make the Attic a Family Room? – Sounds like a Great Idea!
June 22, 2022
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