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Small Business Funding: 10 Tips For Getting The Money You Need

Kelsey Jones
Publication date:
October 16, 2019
Article Summary: 

Small Business Funding: 10 Tips For Getting The Money You Need

The most important details in this text are the 10 tips for getting the money you need for your small business. These tips include nurturing your network, earning the money from a job, and taking on a second job or saving up money from your primary source of income. Having a good professional network is key to being introduced and getting in front of the right people to not only get funding for your business, but to grow it. It is important to focus on knowing the whole person, and not on what they can offer you or how they can help you build your career. Additionally, it is important to listen and be a resource to everyone you meet as well.

Having a business without a full-time job can give you some breathing room and help take the pressure off required monthly income targets. Taking out a small business loan from a bank or other lender can be a good way to get a reasonable amount of money fast, but it often requires putting your personal credit or assets on the line. To pull money from current business profits, one option is to reinvest it into growing the business. To determine if there is any wiggle room for taking profits from the business and allocating it towards something that you know is going to improve it, make a spreadsheet to figure out the total cost of ownership and monthly costs.


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Kelsey Jones
Small Business Funding: 10 Tips For Getting The Money You Need
October 16, 2019
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