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Silk Glove or Iron Gauntlet

Bill Colucci, RCM
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Discusses effective communication techniques for property managers in the context of condominium management. It emphasizes the importance of tailoring communication to diverse individuals and fostering a productive and empathetic approach. The author highlights the use of practical, progressive discipline when enforcing rules and regulations, starting with friendly reminders and letters that are non-threatening and empathetic. The goal is to correct behavior without escalating conflicts. The article recommends using phone calls and personalized letters to address issues, and involving the condominium's lawyer only when necessary. The focus is on resolving problems amicably and maintaining a harmonious community while effectively addressing concerns.


effective communication, property managers, condominium management, discipline, conflict resolution, friendly reminders, empathetic approach.

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Bill Colucci, RCM
Silk Glove or Iron Gauntlet
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