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Should We Question The Reparability Of New Buildings?

Stephen MacDougall, P.Eng.
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The article discusses the issue of reparability in new buildings and the challenges that arise when repairs are needed. It emphasizes the need to be able to fix buildings rather than simply replacing them when problems arise. The use of new construction materials and techniques may result in higher performance and lower cost assemblies, but they can also have hidden costs when it comes to future repairs. The article provides a specific example of a leaking roof in a less than 10-year-old multi-storey residential building. The construction of the roof assembly, which includes a Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing membrane, insulation, and spray foam, creates difficulties in repairing the damage caused by leakage. The article explores various options for repair and highlights the importance of comprehensive planning and consideration of long-term repairability in building construction.


Reparability, new buildings, building repairs, construction industry, construction materials, construction techniques, hidden costs, leaking roof, multi-storey residential building, TPO roofing membrane, insulation, spray foam, repair options, planning, long-term repairability, building construction.

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Stephen MacDougall, P.Eng.
Should We Question The Reparability Of New Buildings?
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