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Shining Sunlight on Mental Health. When and How to Help.

Kirsten Dale, RCM
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Highlights the growing mental health crisis, especially within condominiums, and the role property managers play in identifying and addressing mental health issues among residents. Chemical imbalances in the brain can result from various factors, and any resident may experience fluctuations in their mental stability. Managers must differentiate between dealing with difficult individuals and those who are mentally unstable. The lack of available resources for managers on this topic is noted, and the importance of logging occurrences, effective communication, seeking appropriate support, and advocating for community caring is emphasized. Various resources and organizations are mentioned that can offer assistance and guidance in addressing mental health concerns within condominium communities.


Mental health, property managers, residents, communication, support, resources, community caring, wellness, advocacy, mental stability.

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Kirsten Dale, RCM
Shining Sunlight on Mental Health. When and How to Help.
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