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Sharing Condo Amenities

Toronto Condo News
Publication date:
November 19, 2022
Article Summary: 

In this article, the author discusses the sharing of condo amenities and how it can sometimes lead to conflicts among residents. Sharing amenities can create tension between different groups of residents, such as those with children and those without. The author suggests that condo boards should establish clear rules and guidelines for the use of amenities to prevent conflicts from arising. Additionally, the article suggests that condo boards should consider the opinions of all residents when making decisions about amenities, and that they should prioritize safety and accessibility. The author concludes that proper communication and consideration can go a long way towards ensuring that condo amenities are used in a way that benefits all residents.


Condo amenities, conflicts, residents, rules, guidelines, safety, accessibility, communication, consideration.

Source Citation: 
Toronto Condo News
Sharing Condo Amenities
November 19, 2022
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