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Seniors’ Needs and Mental Health in Condos

Laurie Adams, RCM
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Seniors living in condominiums may face mental health challenges that require a compassionate and supportive approach from property managers. The article emphasizes the importance of treating seniors with respect and refraining from negative labeling. As property managers, understanding and identifying the needs of senior residents is crucial. Seniors' mental health issues, particularly dementia, can impact their safety and the well-being of other residents. Managers should create a community of support, involve neighbors and directors in support groups, establish procedures for daily check-ins, and maintain open communication with building staff. Documentation is essential for tracking incidents and actions taken. While property managers are not healthcare providers, they play a critical role in assisting seniors in finding the mental health services they need, ensuring a safe and supportive living environment.


Seniors, mental health, property managers, dementia, support, community, safety, documentation, communication, well-being.

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Laurie Adams, RCM
Seniors’ Needs and Mental Health in Condos
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