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Selling during the holidays – yes or no?

Author: Staff
Publication date:
December 16, 2021
Article Summary: 

This article discusses the pros and cons of selling a property during the holidays. The slowest periods for the real estate market are the most popular months for vacation and family time. Fewer buyers are out there looking, and there are fewer places available to buy. However, being one of only a handful of properties on the market will mean greater visibility for your listing, and you'll encounter a lot more serious, motivated buyers. Furthermore, there's been a surge in demand, with people looking to buy before interest rates start going up again, which is what experts are predicting for mid-2022. Ultimately, whether or not to sell during the holidays depends on the individual's preferences and circumstances.


selling, holidays, real estate market, buyers, inventory, motivated buyers, demand, interest rates.

Source Citation: Staff
Selling during the holidays – yes or no?
December 16, 2021
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