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Scrum Roles: The Anatomy of a Scrum Team

Peter Landau
Publication date:
December 14, 2021
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Scrum Roles: The Anatomy of a Scrum Team

Scrum is a project management framework that facilitates team collaboration on complex projects and products. It is commonly used for product management and software development and is a framework for putting the agile methodology into practice. It replaces the algorithmic approaches used in waterfall projects with agile project management and product development model. Scrum teams consist of a product owner, a scrum master and the development team.
The scrum framework has three major roles: product owner, product backlog, and user stories. Product owner has the product vision and is responsible for defining the work and prioritizing tasks. Product backlog is a task list that is used to organize the work or user stories that need to be executed. User stories are product features or product improvements that are defined from the user perspective and not from the eyes of the development team. Scrum events are four scrum events that occur in each sprint: Sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and scrum retrospective.

Agile sprints are an essential element of the scrum process. Product Owner responsibilities include managing the product backlog, release management, stakeholder management, defining product goals and product features, creating a realistic product backlog with the scrum team, and collecting user feedback from sprint reviews to make product backlog decisions.


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Peter Landau
Scrum Roles: The Anatomy of a Scrum Team
December 14, 2021
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