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Reuniting the Divided Board: How to Make it Work Together

George Shalamay
Publication date:
December 29, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the challenges of dealing with a divided and dysfunctional condo board, where conflicts and personal agendas can hinder effective decision-making. It highlights signs of a divided board and emphasizes the importance of understanding each director's motivations. To reunite the board, it suggests finding common ground, focusing on a common vision, and updating the condo corporation's mission statement. Additionally, it recommends continuous education for board members and thorough preparation for meetings. Building a good working relationship among directors and remembering their responsibility as elected representatives of the unit owners are essential for a well-run condominium corporation.


Condo board, Divided board, Dysfunction, Communication, Motivation, Common Vision, Mission Statement, Education, Productive meeting, Chairmanship, Working relationship, Elected representatives, Prudent business judgment.

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George Shalamay
Reuniting the Divided Board: How to Make it Work Together
December 29, 2022
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