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Retain a Personal Touch with a Tech Focus

Peter Pietrzkiewicz
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In the evolving landscape of property management, technology has significantly impacted operations, interactions, and convenience in condo communities. While technology offers efficiency and convenience, there is a concern that it might diminish the personal touch property managers provide. The article emphasizes the importance of maintaining a personal touch alongside technology integration. It provides tips for property managers to bridge the gap between technology and human interaction, such as using various communication channels, sending personalized welcome messages to new residents, updating resident portals, posting relevant announcements, gathering feedback through automated surveys, and providing in-person training for technology platforms. Balancing technology and personal interaction enhances resident experiences and fosters a sense of community.


property management, technology, personal touch, condo communities, communication, integration, resident experiences, convenience, human interaction, communication channels, resident portals, announcements, feedback, community aspect, in-person training.

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Peter Pietrzkiewicz
Retain a Personal Touch with a Tech Focus
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