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Reserve Fund Study Report Cards

Guest Contributor
Publication date:
May 10, 2023
Article Summary: 

In the Spring 2023 issue of CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine, an article warns about the financial blockage caused by failed epoxy lining in domestic hot water pipes in a high-rise residential condominium. The corporation had previously opted for epoxy lining in 2012 to address pinhole leaks instead of fully replacing the pipes, assuming it would provide 20 or more years of service. However, during the 2023 reserve fund study, complaints about inadequate water pressure and flow led to a recommendation for full replacement. Test cuts confirmed that the lining had debonded from the pipe walls, causing blockages in some areas. Many buildings that had used epoxy lining are now facing the unexpected and urgent need for pipe replacement as the linings fail. The article emphasizes the importance of monitoring lined pipes, catching loose lining debris with strainers, and notifying reserve fund providers if issues arise to budget appropriately for replacement.


CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine, reserve fund study, high-rise residential condominium, domestic hot water pipes, epoxy lining, pinhole leaks, water pressure, pipe replacement, failed lining, blockages, strainers, reserve fund provider.

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Guest Contributor
Reserve Fund Study Report Cards
May 10, 2023
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