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Remote Project Management: A Quick Guide with Best Practices

Peter Landau
Publication date:
November 23, 2021
Article Summary: 

Remote Project Management: A Quick Guide with Best Practices

Remote project management is how project managers connect remote and hybrid teams and ensure everyone works together to meet the objectives of the project. It is flexible and can be used with both traditional and agile approaches. Benefits of remote project management include cost-effective, task management, and transparency. It also allows teams to take ownership of their work and manage their backlog and plan sprints, leading to more empowered teams and better morale, better retention and productivity. Work-Life Balance can be improved by working as a fully remote team or in a hybrid model.

Less travel means more time at home with the family, and reporting and feedback from teams can help improve processes. However, project management for remote teams is not a magic bullet, and there are challenges beyond project management. Collaboration is always better when teams are physically in the same room, and voice or video conferences are not the same as a team working side-by-side.


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Peter Landau
Remote Project Management: A Quick Guide with Best Practices
November 23, 2021
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