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Regulation in the Interest

Sandy Vizely
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The article discusses the role of the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) in regulating the condo management profession in the interest of consumer protection. The CMRAO is responsible for licensing and regulating condominium managers and management companies, ensuring transparency and accountability. The CMRAO maintains a Public Registry that provides basic information about licensed managers and companies, such as their legal name, license number, license status, and current employer. The article highlights that while the CMRAO publishes certain information required by law, it also treats information about its licensees with discretion. The CMRAO's approach to publishing information includes the Public Registry and a section called "Compliance," where discipline decisions and other related information are available. The article emphasizes that the CMRAO's role is to strengthen the condo management profession and protect consumers in Ontario's growing condominium sector through effective regulation.


CMRAO, Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario, consumer protection, condo management, regulation, transparency, Public Registry, compliance, discipline decisions, licensees, condominium sector, Ontario.

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Sandy Vizely
Regulation in the Interest
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