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Reflections of a Condominium Owner – with Kathleen Schrumm

Maggie Matian
Publication date:
May 12, 2022
Article Summary: 

Kathleen Schrumm, a condominium owner for 27 years, reflects on her experience in the condominium industry. She initially purchased a vacation townhome and later bought a permanent home in a 153-unit bungalow townhome complex. Kathleen values the sense of community and security that comes with condominium living, as well as the convenience of outdoor maintenance being taken care of. However, she emphasizes the importance of potential owners understanding their responsibilities and the rules of the community. Kathleen believes that resources and education from the government and organizations like CCI are essential for potential buyers. She suggests that all new owners should be required to take a course to understand the responsibilities of being a condo owner. Overall, Kathleen appreciates the benefits of condo living and encourages active participation and communication within the community to foster a positive and proactive environment.


Condominium Owner, Condominium Industry, Condominium Living, Security, Maintenance, Rules, Education, Responsibility, Community, Communication, Property Manager, Condo Board.

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Maggie Matian
Reflections of a Condominium Owner – with Kathleen Schrumm
May 12, 2022
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