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Purchase Orders & The Purchase Order Process Explained

William Malsam
Publication date:
April 9, 2021
Article Summary: 

Purchase Orders & The Purchase Order Process Explained

Purchase orders and purchase requisitions are two different purchase management documents that play an important role in managing business purchases. Purchase orders are created when an employee needs internal approval to make a purchase, while purchase orders are sent to external parties such as suppliers whenever a purchase is made. Sales orders are sent as a response to a purchase order, confirming the price, quantity and other details about the sale. Purchase invoice is a payment request sent by the vendor to the buyer as soon as the order is fulfilled, and typically contains an identifying number, vendor information, payment details and how much is due. Purchase orders are important for protecting both the buyer and the seller.

They include a PO number to identify and track the order, vendor information, delivery date, shipping method, items that are included in the order, cost for each item, total cost of the entire shipment, taxes for total items purchased, payment due date, and terms for payment. These details ensure that all the details of the transaction are clearly stated and agreed upon. Most manufacturing businesses use purchase orders to document all the purchases they make from vendors, which helps them know what they have bought and what their production inventory looks like.


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William Malsam
Purchase Orders & The Purchase Order Process Explained
April 9, 2021
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